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Damn - Sick Again - Will This Cold Ever Leave???

This so sucks! I'm sick with the same crap that I've been fighting on and off since January. It seems that every month it comes back and kicks me on my back for a few days, then it goes away again. I can't win! My DH has a scratchy throat now and he's furious about maybe coming down with this again at a time that he just can't afford to be sick. So, I'm back to sleeping on the couch again and managed to seriously pull a muscle in my arm overnight last night so I have one more thing to add to the list. This is RIDICULOUS! There is NO REASON for me to continually be getting this - it's not malaria, but it keeps coming back and forth as if it is. *sigh* call me FRUSTRATED!

I was cruising along on B2ME and then I hit the prompt for Fangorn. I love the character, but a fellow author, Larner, did such an amazingly outstanding job with her double-dribble that I just can't put anything together that I like. I have written five separate stories and I don't like any of them. I think I may have come up with a solution overnight, but I still have to write it. It would be nice if it actually worked so I could progess to the two other pieces I want to write today.

I think I'll spend much of today hiding out in my back room, working on my computer and trying to keep my germs away from my customers. I would much rather be out there celebrating St Patrick's Day with the rest of the adopted Irish community. My DH comes from an odd background - half German and half Scotch/Irish. So I inherited the Scotch/Irish from his lovely mother. I love our tartan for the Scotch part, and there are times when being an Irish Kennedy can be handy too. So today, as you're raising your green beer and thinking about beautiful Ireland, I'll be there with you in spirit. I'll catch up with my Guinness intake this summer at Renaissance Fest.
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I am SO tired of being well for a week and then sick for two. I have never had this issue with my health before, and I fear I am not taking it well :-( Thanks for your good wishes. Hugs to your kitties.

- Erulisse (one L)
Get better, and rest. The cold won't go away completely if you don't take the time to rest, dear.
I'm not very good to myself, tend to push myself a bit hard. I have to remind myself that I'm no longer 40, or even 50 for that matter. I'm just trying to shoehole as much as possible into my life as I can, I guess. But this really sucks. I promise I'll try and rest on Sunday (except for writing, of course).

- Erulisse (one L)
I understand you. I am 53 and it annoys me when I feel sick. But there is a time when all you can do is rest... and write. ;)
It *is* frustrating! I hope you're both feeling much better soon, and that the cold truly leaves.
I'm so frustrated. I'm afraid I don't make a very good patient, and my DH makes a terrible nurse, so I have to self-medicate :-) I promise I'll take it easy on Sunday :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
It may not be the same cold over and over - there's like over 100 different rhinoviruses, each of which causes almost the same symptoms. So it may be a new infection each time.

I'm surprised you celebrate the feast of someone who did everything he could to throw the Druids out of Ireland!

And if you're Irish enough, you don't need to contaminate your beer with green food coloring. A bartender at an Irish pub in Houston once told me that. ;)
Oh, that makes me feel a bit better, Surgical. I would hate to think that I'm fighting the same cold again and again and again. But I really am tired of feeling lousy!

My mother was pragmatic and raised me to believe - anything for a party. Even if St Patrick tried his utmost to cast the Druids out of Ireland, they are still alive and well today, so he didn't really succeed over the long run (thank the Powers). Personally, I celebrate with corned beef, cabbage, I wear green and I enjoy my mother-in-law's heritage. It allows me to think of her and I miss her, she was an amazing woman.

And, if anyone came near my Guinness with green color I think I'd have a fit. No contaminating my Guinness - LOL.

Celebrate and enjoy and thanks for telling me about the rhinoviruses, not really my area of expertise and it makes me feel much better about the whole thing :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Sláinte to Mr Steel and yourself
I'm sorry you're not feeling well, that sucks. =| I hope you and your muses have a good St. Patrick's day nonetheless!
I think I'll be quite glad in three hours when I can go home from work. I'll pick up some Italian food for dinner (I know - not very Irish, but Saturday nights are Italian nights for my family), have my baked rig, proof the three stories I have ready to post one more time, post them and then go to sleep. I'm really drained :-(

Thanks for the good wishes.

- Erulisse (one L)
Feel for you, my dear. Stay nice and warm and toasty, hoard the bugs to yourself and get better quickly.
Warm and toasty sounds so nice. It's in the 70's and I'm in a turtleneck and a t-shirt. Guess I'm toasty - LOL.

I'm a giving person - can't I share the bugs????

Thsnks for the kind wishes, talk with you in 1-1/2 weeks. Don't practice too much and aggravate your arm more than necessary.

- Erulisse (one L)