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Damn - Sick Again - Will This Cold Ever Leave???

This so sucks! I'm sick with the same crap that I've been fighting on and off since January. It seems that every month it comes back and kicks me on my back for a few days, then it goes away again. I can't win! My DH has a scratchy throat now and he's furious about maybe coming down with this again at a time that he just can't afford to be sick. So, I'm back to sleeping on the couch again and managed to seriously pull a muscle in my arm overnight last night so I have one more thing to add to the list. This is RIDICULOUS! There is NO REASON for me to continually be getting this - it's not malaria, but it keeps coming back and forth as if it is. *sigh* call me FRUSTRATED!

I was cruising along on B2ME and then I hit the prompt for Fangorn. I love the character, but a fellow author, Larner, did such an amazingly outstanding job with her double-dribble that I just can't put anything together that I like. I have written five separate stories and I don't like any of them. I think I may have come up with a solution overnight, but I still have to write it. It would be nice if it actually worked so I could progess to the two other pieces I want to write today.

I think I'll spend much of today hiding out in my back room, working on my computer and trying to keep my germs away from my customers. I would much rather be out there celebrating St Patrick's Day with the rest of the adopted Irish community. My DH comes from an odd background - half German and half Scotch/Irish. So I inherited the Scotch/Irish from his lovely mother. I love our tartan for the Scotch part, and there are times when being an Irish Kennedy can be handy too. So today, as you're raising your green beer and thinking about beautiful Ireland, I'll be there with you in spirit. I'll catch up with my Guinness intake this summer at Renaissance Fest.
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