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Digging Out

 So, Sunday the main roads were cleared beautifully, and the intersections between main plow routes were also fine. But the side streets are a disaster right now so many people spent Sunday trying to dig out. A week that started out with so much promise, only two weeks away from Christmas Day, ended up in financial disaster. My Saturday and Sunday combined netted us less than $300! A hard year's financial data was made even harder and I am not looking forward to doing the books this morning.

Metrodome Roof Collapse
 There should be a roof about those cement walls. The
Metrodome was another victim of our storm.

This was a extraordinary snow storm, placing in one of our top five of all time (all of which I've been up here for - sigh). We were supposed to have a football (that's American football) game here on Sunday. The NY Giants were unable to get to the Twin Cities because the airport closed for the first time in 19 years. Then, on Sunday morning, the weight of the snow caused two tears in the roof of the Metrodome, collapsing the roof. The football game ended up being postponed to Monday night, and moved to Detroit, Michigan instead. It will be some serious work to get the dome back up and functional quickly, but it's been done once before. I have posted "Before" and "After" pics for you to laugh along with me.


This is how the Metrodome is supposed to look -
rather like a giant marshmallow rising from a pan.

The snow left after dumping 17 inches of snow in 18 hours. I shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled again. We still need to shovel our smaller house - a house that it still in our family that we've been fixing up to sell. In today's real estate market, it just isn't worth putting on the market yet, but that means that we have to maintain it. But it is on a side street and we couldn't get anywhere close to it yesterday. In fact the streets are so bad that a fire truck couldn't get close to a burning house, resulting in several deaths. We are hoping that either the East-West or the North-South side streets have now been plowed so that we can get within a block. We can walk from there and get the snow shoveled. We'll have to bundle up though, the temps are below zero (currently we are at -6 F [-21 C] with windchills down to -30 F [-34 C]). I'm just grateful that it is over, that my DH made it home in one piece, and that we are cozy at home even though we still need to pull snow off our roof on Tuesday to avoid ice dams. This winter is a killer and we have to be a bit careful.
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