engarian (engarian) wrote,

Tax Prep No...Writing Yes

I was supposed to take yesterday to do my tax prep work. But...I really am not in the mood and still have some time, so I didn't. Bad me. But...I wrote, a lot, and finally got Iris' next chapter Beta work done (bad me - it had been more than two weeks between chapters and I really try to not push things out that far) and I actually let myself get an hour's nap in the afternoon that was sorely needed.

It's been slow at the shop, so I was told I could have today off too, but I'm going to go in. I can't desert my staff completely even though it was heaven to have some time away.

I just LOVE color.....

I have an art project due in two weeks and I know how I want to attack it, so I also need the printer that's at the shop to get my basic background laid down. Then I can also print out some supplementary views and begin the drawing/painting portion. Dovetailing this into my B2ME stuff would not have been possible ten days ago, but things seem to be a bit more under control now for some unknown reason. One thing that has helped is my finding out that I can read and review the stories that have been posted on my NookColor, so I can do that while having my morning coffee and oatmeal. It's slower, I can't cut and paste and it's a touch-pad instead of a keyboard, so intrinsically slower and more prone to typos. But it is a tremendous help! Enjoy your Friday :-)
Tags: art, b2me, vacation, writing

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