engarian (engarian) wrote,

An Extra Day...But For Tax Prep

I got a lot of writing done yesterday and today's prompt should be fairly easy and short so I'll be caught up again :-) But we've had fabulous weather for the past several days. The weather people say that we're running about a month early with our Spring. I'm loving this, although I hope that we won't get an extra long and extra hot summer as a result of this. But right now, temps in the upper 60's and lower 70's when our average would be 40's - this is wonderful!

So I'll sit down with paid bills, invoices, reports from the broker, and all of the other 'fun' stuff today to get things set for next week's appointment with the accountant. I also have an art idea that I want to start with and I need to beta Iris' next chapter - I promised her and have to get through the first look.

I'm grateful nonetheless. Getting two days in a row off is extremely rare for me and I hope to get a lot done to justify making poor Chickie have to work harder since it's always hard when either of us are out of the shop.
Tags: b2me, beta, income taxes, weather, writing

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