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Happy Birthday and Happy Trails

I'll start today by wishing Albert Einstein a very happy birthday. Just think of where we would be today without his revolutionary Theory of Relativity. Now, I know I share this list with a lot of VERY intelligent people, and I also know that I am average, so if I say things wrong, please forgive me. But I think that E=MCª is pretty kewl. The fact that something that deep that explains so much can be expressed so beautifully and, thus, penetrate the general mindview of the populace is nothing short of amazing. So here's to you, Einstein. Great tag line! Great idea! And, BTW, thanks for helping my Uncle gain admittance to the US. It was a great thing and your letters of recommendation opened the immigration door for him.

I'm also wishing Happy Trails to the printed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I remember hours upon hours using the set that I had. My Dad bought it for me when I was fairly young, from a local pawn shop. My folks never had the money to buy a new set, so what I was learning from was already out of date. But now, with so many innovations and discoveries happening every day? Well, a printed copy of an Encyclopedia is out of date before it ever hits the printing press. The current edition of the Encyclopedia weighs more than 100 pounds and costs more than $1200. I don't know how many they printed, but more than one third of them didn't sell. They say they will concentrate on their on-line versions and information delivery vehicles. Smart move!

Remember when I said that I was keeping up on B2ME? For a while there my stories became short and sweet, things were looking up. Then I had two stories that decided they would have teeth. So even though I'm still up to date (although I missed a lot of reviewing over the weekend - so sorry to all the fabulous authors), these two stories are going to take up my time today. I want to get them completed and see about getting them proofed several times, and maybe posted. I'm loving this journey, just wish that my muse was a bit less insistent sometimes - LOL.
My cousin has been researching it and writing a book about her parents. When her mother died she went through box after box of papers and found a lot of items pertaining to their immigration, among which were several letters from Einstein. Apparently my uncle worked with him or for him for some years. My uncle was an attorney and represented the US as one of the fleet of attorneys at the Nuremberg Trials. Crazy family history, eh?

- Erulisse (one L)
Happy birthday, Mr. Einstein! :) Do you know that he was offered to be a president of Israel? He (cleverly) refused, and one of his quotations is: "Politics is for the present, but an equation is for eternity."

Yesterday was an important day too, but I forgot to mention it, being worried about the kitty. (Btw, she's fine today and we're still friends! *jumpy* I'll write more details about it later. ;) ). On March 13th 1781 British astronomer William Herschel discovered planet Uranus. :)

And finally, good luck with writing! *hugs* I understand what you mean with "stories with teeth", but I'm sure they'll turn out great. And the pleasure in the end is even greater, isn't it? :)
So happy that the kitty still loves you.

And you're right about Herschel, of course. Uranus - one of the cold planets. I love the far outliers :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
We have an EB set at home from, I think, 1913, kept in a long wooden chest - it was my grandfather's. It must be nice to have letters from Einstein in the family. The sort of thing that makes my fingers twitch enviously.

I am embarrassed to admit I only discovered the BtME comm a day or so ago; and now my flist is flooded with stories that thanks to some quirk of LJ I can't actually comment on. Such is life. I liked your Erestor piece, though!
The letters and the Nuremberg papers have turned into her legacy and will allow her to retire in another year. She really wants to publish her book, I'll find out more when I see her in early May.

Thanks for liking my Erestor. He is loosely based on yours, because there is no way I could ever come close to truly encompassing your marvelous take on that character.

- Erulisse (one L)
That's a fantastic legacy. Good luck to her with it!

And I'm blushing - but you're too hard on yourself. It's always good to see other Erestors, anyway.
Einstein seems to have go the right attitude to life. His sayings make a lot of sense.
He was a smart, smart man, and not just in formulas and physics. He rarely slept more than two hours a night, but could drop off to sleep in a cab to catch a few winks between engagements. Such a fascinating man with a great history and many, many anecdotes.

- Erulisse (one L)