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Paddling Madly Against the Stream

I'm swimming madly against the stream here. I am keeping up with my B2ME writing and having fun with the stories, but I haven't posted them to any of my archives yet because time just hasn't been there. My monthly challenge fic is undergoing final editing and I'll toss that to them early next week, maybe even tomorrow if I'm really lucky. And I'm keeping up at work (barely) with getting the new items processed.

But, I desperately need some sleep. I have that nasty cold that I was fighting a month or so ago perched next to me again, ready to pounce. It rather reminds me of vultures swimming in the air above me. I am exhausted and worn down right now for a variety of reasons, and of course this weekend starts Daylight Saving Time again, so I'll get an hour less sleep tomorrow.

People-wise, though, things are looking good. DH faxed off the letter re jury duty yesterday, so that's off our backs for the time being, and he's happy he has an appt with his ENT Doctor in a bit more than a week because he really needed one. And things seem to be working out to join my cousin for a few days in Lincoln NE in early May. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again - it's been WAY too long. So, as I said, I'm paddling to keep where I am in the stream. Hopefully things will fall into place during the next week.
Tags: b2me, daylight saving time, depression, missy, writing

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