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Words and Phones

Yesterday was one of those days when my wheels spun in place for long periods of time. My DH has been called for jury duty, something that he really can't do because he is self-employed and would have to close his business for a week - not going to happen. So he made the appropriate comments in the section on the form, and I mailed it back. They sent a card in the mail requesting additional information, so we wrote a new letter yesterday.

I also thought it would be good to see about contacting his physician regarding his hearing loss. DH has very poor hearing and has had numerous surgeries attempting to improve it with little effect. So I spent more than four hours on the phone with the clinic yesterday - on hold, then talking to someone, then leaving a message. Then they got back to me, telling me that the Doctor would issue a letter, but only after we had set up an appointment for a new Audiogram and Consult. Then it took another two hours to get the appointment set up! Their excuse? "We have a new phone system and we're short handed." Feh!

I did get my day's stories written. They're not my best work, I just found it really hard to concentrate between all of the phone stuff, but they aren't horrible and they answer the prompts. But the number that was called last night for today's numbers...well...that will take some creative storytelling. A few ideas came to me late last night, I'll get things coalesced today. Too tired.....
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