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Busy Day, Nook Love and Clouds

Today is my studio day, and even though I doubt I'll have time to play with art, I do have several stories waiting in the wings to be written for B2ME, and I have errands to do all over town. So I'll be driving around, doing some shopping, doing loads of laundry when I finally get back home, and writing, writing, writing. Because of that, I feel a need for pretty pictures today, so I'll show you lovely things that have no relation to my text - LOL. I love clouds, so I'll share some wonderful ones with you.

One of the most wonderful things about my NookColor (still love that gift - use it every day and it is still the Best Present Ever even more than a year after I got it)...anyway...there are aps that can be loaded onto this to allow it to be a tablet computer, not just an e-reader. One of the aps I have is MS Office Pro, a lite version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I use the Word part and then save my work to my Dropbox, because that's another app I downloaded on my Nook, and between the two I can compose on my NookColor, save it to my Dropbox folder and take it out again at any of my computers later to revise, review, and finally post. My Denethor story of yesterday was completely composed on my NookColor. Call me happy!

So, as I wander around, wishing I had some time for a nap, I'll be writing, posting, archiving the past week's stories and in general, catching up so that I can continue keeping my head above water in this VERY BUSY B2ME season. Have a creative day!
They are pretty, aren't they? I love lenticular masses, they are among the most unusual of the varying cloud formations.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, I remember that storm on Saturn. I pay close attention to Cassini and Saturn. It's such a magnificent planet. Thanks for the wonderful link!

You view the astronomy picture of the day too, don't you? Didn't you just love that incredible pencil-work of the Jovian atmosphere that they featured a few days ago? So pretty.

Back to down, two to go...

- Erulisse (one L)
When I retire, I want to be able to spend some time just lying on hillsides looking at the clouds.

- Erulisse (one L)