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It Was a Long Day...But Good!

OMG but it was a long, long day yesterday. I awakened at 2:30 am to do the last bit of work on my presentation that was due that night and got the last pages printed out. I then went my coffeeshop for oatmeal and coffee and an hour of reading. Then on to the shop to label and organize my overheads for the talk that evening and to finalize one of my B2ME stories. I had a goal of being able to eat something for lunch, but that didn't happen. So after a very busy day, I finally grabbed McDonald's quickly on the way to the meeting because I can't just survive on oatmeal for the entire day. A quick Mickey-D's and I was at least ready to be the focal point.

The talk itself went very well. I like speaking to groups of people as long as I know the subject I am discussing. Well, this is something that I know very, very well and that I feel passionate about. Beading has provided my livelihood, my art focus, and has provided food for my table for 25 years. Even though I don't do a lot of beadwork right now doesn't mean that I don't grab thread and needle often to whip something together. I took my audience on a trip through the history of modern contemporary beading and we had fun on the ride.

I finally got home shortly after 9:00 pm, after having left my home more than 15 hours before. Yes...a very long day. But, I finished two stories, and used my NookColor while on the sales floor to write my next one (love that app). I'll look that over once more this morning and get it posted. I hope to begin posting my B2ME stories to my archive tonight, otherwise I will fall too far behind in that. Have I mentioned lately that I love my NookColor? Hmmmmm....I love it! Such a great tablet computer :-)
Tags: b2me, beading, mcdonald's, nook, upper midwest bead society

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