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No, Argh is not pirate speak for me today. Argh is just that simple cry of frustration that echoed through my house yesterday afternoon. I'm immersed in keeping up with B2ME and was working on a story featuring a panel discussion of the relative merits of the character Feanor and the premise of whether or not he was the Savior of Middle Earth (OK, I'm letting my geek out here). I had spent 2-1/2 hours on this, polishing it to a truly beautiful story, and switched pages to grab the header. Moving back to paste the header onto the story, the wrong window closed and I lost it ALL! The entire story - dust and non-recoverable.

After tears and total frustration, I dug in again and rewrote it - probably not as good as the original, but at least it got done and posted - after another 3-1/2 hours of work. So I'm now behind by 3-1/2 hours because I had planned on doing three stories and having a start on the fourth. Now I have starts on three, but I have my presentation to do tonight so I will have no time to work on this at all today. Like I said - Argh!

Except for that catastrophe, the weekend was good. We watched four more episodes of Spartacus (season 1) and only have one more disk for that season. We went to Barnes & Noble where I picked up the mag I needed - I got in and out of there within 30 minutes, a record speed. And we hit the grocer for a few things. I now have lunch stuff available again - yippee!

My presentation to the Bead Society is scheduled for tonight and my materials are 95% ready. I'll do the final bit at work this morning. I was up at 2:30 am printing out the last few pages and making sure that I had everything packed and ready to go. Mondays are always very busy days for me and I didn't want to have any unpleasant surprises on a day when I'm running a very tight schedule. I am still going to allow myself to have my hour of coffee, oatmeal and reading though. I think I do need to allow myself a little bit of relaxation. Have a great day!
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