engarian (engarian) wrote,

It's a Wintery World

 I claim that we live in the Helcaraxe during most winters, but this one is SO living up to the name. We did get our expected 3"-5" snowfall overnight, and we are expected to get 1"-2" hourly from 6am through noon and then small flurries until Sunday morning. This is WAY more than I bargained for when I moved up here 31 years ago. I am SO NOT looking forward to shoveling my way through the world today and tomorrow. And, even though we probably won't have much, if any, business today, I still will have to shovel out and try to get to the shop. The next problem will come with the parking lot. If the landlord hasn't brought out his Bobcat and plowed the lot, we'll have some problems. I am VERY tempted to put a "Closed Due to Weather" sign on the door and call the day a loss. But it is the holiday season and we need the sales.

Bobcat Tractor
Bobcat tractors are small but powerful. Our landlord has one and
it is one of his favorite toys.

I hope that my Italian restaurant is open tonight. I have a feeling that many places will be closed today because of the storm. We are actually used to snow up here, but a storm of this magnitude takes a little bit of time to get one's balance back after a punch like this. It would have been so much better if it had waited another 24 hours before hitting us....
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