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Overwhelmed? Me?

So I'm progressing on B2ME month, but last year when short fics were easy for me, this year my muse is screaming at me to write more in-depth stories. I'm not unhappy, my story of Maglor from yesterday (The Power of Song) was yummy and I'm very happy with it. I'm fighting with the other story from yesterday, and ready to tackle today's that must use the elements of Maglor interacting with Galileo and heliocentrism. I also need to use a Cove, the technique of carving, and the hobbit, Pippin. Oy! But first I have to finish the story I have in the works of Feanor - Savior of Middle Earth. A bit controversial, but after thinking about it all day, I think I determined a good angle from which to approach it.

This bingo is exhausting me much more than last year's bingo did. Because of the way that this is structured, every day can have up to eight prompts because I chose eight bingo cards. I also have to have made a significant start to each challenge within 48 hours. It's only March 3rd and I don't want to fall behind this early in the month. So I'm really pushing myself. I think, in the main, that this is actually a good thing though. But getting the computer time to work on these is the hardest part since I actually work for a living - LOL. Like I said....OY!

My cousin Emailed me yesterday, proposing that we meet later this spring when she flies out to visit her daughter in a nearby state. It's a solid eight hour drive away, but that's not too bad, so we're working on dates now. It would be a delight to see her and catch up again. It's been years since we've had a chance to catch up since we live half a nation apart from each other. I don't know how long her daughter will be in Nebraska, so I'm going to try very hard to make this happen. I wish each of you a wonderful and creative weekend. I'll be working on writing and photoshop and maybe I'll treat myself to a book or mag at Barnes & Noble.
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