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Feeling My Age...

I usually don't feel my age, in fact, I usually ignore my age unless it is of benefit to me. So I will occasionally take advantage of a senior discount, but usually prefer to act the age that I feel instead of what the calender tells me. Unfortunately, after shoveling wet and heavy snow for more than two hours yesterday, I'm feeling my age *sigh*. Oh well, it could have been much worse. We only got some snow, other parts of the nation got deadly tornadoes.

March first was the date that my father was born, more than 100 years ago. Of course this date always sends me back in my memories. My father taught me many things. Strength, perseverence, patience. He experienced many difficult things in his life, but finally, after he retired, he was able to pursue the goal he had always wanted - an advanced education. He started going to college and got his BA, his MA and then his PdD. He wrote textbooks and he taught at Colorado University in Boulder, CO for several years. I know they were the best and happiest years of his life. He died after a brave battle against kidney cancer more than twenty years ago. I miss him but am very grateful that I had him in my life.

B2ME begins today. One year ago I began writing - something that I find I'm enjoying a great deal. My writing had led to my doing more graphic art, they are hand in glove. So I'm allowing my creativity to exist, and I'm very grateful for that. Of course, my house is screaming for a good cleaning. Hmmm....but I have stories to write. The vaccuuming can wait.
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I have stories to write. The vaccuuming can wait.

Yay, that's called commitment, isn't it? :) *lol*
But you say you started writing a year ago? I thought that you had started earlier.

I love the story of your father. Seems like he really had nice, fulfilled days in his "retirement". That's great, I'm glad for both of you; I'm sure you're so proud of him.
No, although I had done beta work for more than a year prior, I never actually posted any of my stories (or indeed even wrote any stories) until March 2011 for B2ME last year.

I'm totally embroiled in this year's, working with more digital art, something I haven't done a lot of, and regular art, as well as writing some stories that just don't fit any other way.

My Dad was an extraordinary man, a real survivor.

- Erulisse (one L)
He was quite remarkable, very intelligent, a lover of books which he passed on to me, and a lover of opera. My mother was a classically trained pianist, so I got my love for classical music from both sides. You'll get to hear more about my mother next month for her birthday.

- Erulisse (one L)
That's a wonderful tribute to your father.

This year I'm feeling my age like never before. *sigh*
It's rather crazy. For edging closer and closer to 60, I still feel as 'devil may care' as when I was 30. It's a good thing I'm married to someone who is more fiscally responsible, otherwise retirement would be out of the question.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, Lady O. My house screams well, but not tunefully, therefore I can ignore it fairly well :-)

My back is feeling better, but it was really a hard day yesterday :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I have just that dialogue with the vacuum cleaner almost every weekend. It's getting silly.
That darned vaccuum cleaner normally sits quietly in the corner and just tries to play the guilt game. But every so often its tones become more strident. Fortunately my ears are still stopped up a bit from the head cold I've had for the past few weeks, so I'm not hearing its cries of neglect as much as I usually would :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I hear someone on the radio talking about 'the over fifties' as if we are all ancient - and I cannot compute that with me and all the other people I know, at all.

And how good to know something of your Dad.
I certainly don't feel ancient. They've said (the infamous 'they') that fifty is the new forty or, sometimes, even the new thirty-five. All I know is that I'm still doing just fine, moving slightly slower and with more weight *sigh*, but I'm also trying to really enjoy my life. If this is ancient, I can make do :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
but I have stories to write. The vaccuuming can wait

I can totally relate to that :D
My ideal would be a clean house, i.e., a house that cleaned itself without needful interaction or activity on my part.

- Erulisse (one L)