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Dodging a Bullet...

Yesterday at this time they were forecasting snow - 6"-12" of the white stuff to hit us. But we got rain and sleet all night instead. It has just now (4:30 am) changed over to snow which we're supposed to have for most of the day. So over an icy and slushy mess, we'll get snow. It's going to be a very icy day and treacherous driving. I'll get my errands done as soon as possible and then settle down at my computer. I started printing my overheads at the shop yesterday and was having variable success, so I will be continuing working on that today because I have to get this nailed. If this doesn't work, I'll print detailed hi-def photo prints and then copy them onto overheads at the copy shop tomorrow am. One thing is for sure, I'm going through a lot of ink. But the overheads I've done are beautiful. Things are falling into place - none too soon :-)

This elephant standing on his trunk is in Barcelona, Spain. He was too wonderful not to share.

I whipped out a fast sketch for a friend yesterday, scanning it and sending it to her. She loved it, so I will do a more formal one for her. Some day I may be able to show all of you, but right now it is drawn for an original novel that is still unpublished, and therefore is being kept under wraps. I'm fine with that. I have other things I will be drawing in the next few weeks that I will happily share.

Of course, Barcelona is famous for Gaudi sculptures and buildings. This lovely mosaic lizard is one of his many pieces.

Of course, the fact that I am drawing means that DH wants to draw also - LOL. He wants to draw a complete scene - foreground character surrounded by background. I've been working on portraiture. But at least it has him thinking about his art again, so that's a great thing. Have a creative day and enjoy the sculptures above from Catalonia, Spain. Happy Leap Year Birthday to my nephew, Michael!
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