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Driving Through the Snow

So, we're finally going to get some snow. All of the earlier storms that were forecast missed us. We got a little bit of snow here and there, but it was the nicest winter in many long year. However, that's going to be changing, starting today and extending through early evening tomorrow. Now we're going to be dumped on - anywhere from 6-12 inches in 24+ hours. Not nearly as bad as our huge snowstorm starting off last winter's many storms, but a very respectable amount that will make driving hazardous, getting in and out of my parking lot challenging, and will keep me home for most of my day off tomorrow (just most - not all - LOL). Here's a lovely winter scene for you to look at. My surroundings won't look this good until at least Thursday or Friday :-)

And my car turned a big mileage breakthrough last night on my way home from work. I've owned cars that flipped over to 100,000 before, but never on a car that I loved so much or that I intended to keep and go on driving for many more miles.

She's a PT Cruiser and I took delivery of her in early December 2000, so I've had her for many years. She constantly amazes and delights me (except for the more recent repair bills - *sigh*). I've never driven a car that I love so much before. I look out at her shadow when driving to workshops or conferences and just smile. It's a classic silhouette and to me she looks beautiful.

I'm a car fan all the way around. Many of my friends, also my DH, look upon a car as transportation. I look at a car as art. The beauty of the lines, the layout of the dashboard, the arrangement under the hood - I love it all. The old saying is that America is car crazy, I think we're just in love with our cars - our rolling, functional, pieces of artwork.
I look upon many of my devices (for example car, cell phone etc), well, not exactly as friends, but companions, sort of. It may sound crazy, but listening to you, I know there are people who understand me. :)

Be careful while driving in snow, and make a small snowman for me. :)
I always name my cars, have ever since my first one. I excuse it to people who just don't understand by telling them that if the car breaks down and I need to yell at it, it helps to yell at a name rather than just at "that d___ed car" - LOL. Fortunately all of my best friends as well as my DH name their cars too :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Spring is when we get most of our snow usually. There are two weekends when we tend to get snow - this weekend for the Boy's State High School Hockey Tournament (which I'll be watching every chance I get - great hockey) and in two weeks for the Boy's State High School Basketball Tournament. After that, we start the Spring slide :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I love that you took a picture when the car hit 100K! I can sympathize with your feelings toward your car--mine (a 2002 Jetta) is at 119K, and I don't ever want to replace it.
I figured it was a possible once-in-a-lifetime event - LOL. I dearly love my car.

- Erulisse (one L)
How cool that you could capture the 100,000 moment!

That's a beautiful winter scene.
I was determined to capture that 100,000 mark. It's quite the landmark in the lifespan of my beloved car.

I hope that we escape the worst of the snow, but we're already starting to get serious flakes dropping and, of course, my heat at the shop isn't working AGAIN. My landlord is supposed to repair the furnace today, but right now it is 58 degrees so I'm in a heavy shirt and TWO sweaters so that I can write and draw this morning *sigh*.

Hugs to my favorite Pip doggie in a warm environment :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Oo, snow. We got more than a foot in less than a day here over the weekend, so a pretty decent little storm. Hope the storm leaves everything pretty and snow-covered but doesn't make your life too difficult.

Ee, car milestones. I have a car I love dearly, too. I have to admit, I always loved the PT Cruisers. They're such neat-looking cars - lots of personality.
So far, we're getting rain and sleet only. I expect we'll have snow tomorrow am when I wake up, but we're escaping the 6"-12" and probably going to be closer to 2"-3" instead. *whew*

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks for sharing! I miss the snow, sometimes. Not driving in it or shoveling it. But, you know, looking at it. ;)
We'll have some shoveling, but I am more afraid of the ice. We'll have an undercoat of solid ice - nasty. Less snow, more ice = easier shoveling but more dangerous driving conditions.

- Erulisse (one L)