engarian (engarian) wrote,

Too Much Work...

Normally my Mondays can be a bit laid back, but not today. I have four large mail orders that got placed over the weekend that will keep me hopping today, I have a new prompt for a drabble for the week, one which may allow me to combine last week's with this one...maybe... And I want to continue revising my longer story and get that handed in, hopefully by the end of the month. When I look at the week, I want to crawl under a rock. Unfortunately, that's a luxury I simply don't have.

I did get a few hours of writing in yesterday, managing to get my "Spring" story finished. I wanted to do a nice, light-hearted romp in the forest. It didn't turn out that way. Sometimes the muses just insist on going their own way. Now I have to polish this and edit, edit, edit.

And on Sunday, DH decided he wanted some colored pencils. Looking through his stock on hand, they were pretty pathetic, short, not organized, etc. The watercolor pencils he has are missing six pencils (of course I was immediately accused of having taken them). However, I proved that I have my own pencils and that they are right at hand, so he had to back off that opinion. We went on a colored pencil hunt though, and got a few at Dick Blick, then I took him to my favorite art supply shop in Minneapolis, Penco. There we found a 48 set with case for $49. He decided to get that so was happy. After a quick dinner out, we got home in time to watch the Academy Awards and flip now and again to the basketball All-Star game. It was a good day off, but I was up too late, so I'm dragging today.
Tags: art, choices, color, writing

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