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Weekend Plans?

So, the weekend begins today. I will work, of course, on Saturday (today) because that's what I do - LOL. But after 5 pm my time is my own. I'll pick up Italian food for dinner tonight (yummy) and then relax for the evening.

Yesterday I got a good start to my presentation (that's coming up quickly, early March to be precise). I will grab some of the other things I need today and get those worked on during the day today. I can work on the photographs over the weekend and get them massaged and ready for printing.

I also spent a long time last night looking at photographs of clocks. Yes, clocks. Not that I'm that crazy about time - at my stage of life I don't necessarily want to watch time fly away from me...

"Like sands through the hourglass, These are the Days of our Lives (This used to be the opening words to a very popular daily soap opera on daytime television here in the US.)

But I have a friend who is writing a story and there are a couple of images that are perched in my head, screaming for me to put pen to paper and draw them. I needed images to work with, so I spent a few hours looking at and saving images of clocks. I now feel that I know all too much about what they look like. But the image is starting to coalesce in my head. Hopefully, between writing and working on my presentation I can find a bit of time to draw too. Wait - my weekend is only ONE day. Argh. I need more time. ...
Tags: deadlines, drawing, pasta, writing

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