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Is Your Life a Fairy Tale?

Today is the birthday of two very important and vitally different people who followed their dreams and changed the world. The first person is Steve Jobs. Love him or hate him, you can't dispute his very prevelant presence over our everyday modern life. From Apple computers to the iPods in your pocket to iTunes and features of the cloud, Steve Jobs made an impact in so many aspects of our modern life that his ripples reached throughout the earth.

If the worth of a person is what is remembered about him afterwards, Steve Jobs is immortal and will long be thought of as one of the true pioneers of modern technology. I am not necessarily an Apple fan, the extent of what I own are iPods for my music and audio books, but I bow to his beautiful sense of design and incredible ability to insist on the best for his products.

The other person's birthday is from a completely opposite view. Wilhelm Grimm was born in 1786 on today's date. Wilhelm and Jacob collected the folktales of the villages near their own and published them. When they realized that many children were reading their stories, they adapted the tales a bit to make them a bit less disturbing. They were sanitized even farther by Walt Disney whose Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood were all originally Grimm fairy tales. The original tales were full of evil people and monsters, blood and gore. They were cautionary tales, teaching the village children that safety only existed within the small villages and that the forest surrounding the area was filled with deadly dangers. Wilhelm and Jacob wanted to collect the old folk tales before they disappeared and thus, created a body of work that has far outlasted them. In fact, I just purchased a "Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales" book for my DH who was unable to find his childhood copy and wanted to have the tales and the Rackham illustrations at hand.

Arthur Rackham's marvelous illustration of Little Red Riding Hood.

Finally, just a quick note to thank those of you who were so kind as to Email me or message me about my artwork and my Deviant Art page. Your kind words really made my day. THANK YOU!
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