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What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been...

So, on February 23, 1455 (yes, that's 1455) the first printing of the Guttenburg Bible began in Mainz, Germany. The invention of the Guttenburg press and the inks needed to allow multiple copies of the written word revolutionized the dissemination of information and distribution of knowledge. It is generally considered to be a contributing factor to the Age of Enlightenment, etc, and just look at how far we have come.

I fully admit that there is something wonderful about moving through the physical pages of a book. And I still buy many of them. But I also have to admit that I adore my NookColor, after more than a full year, I can tell anyone interested that there is not a day that I am not using it. My reading has increased, I even bought my first craft book for it the other day. It would be really nice if I can get what I need out of a craft book on my screen since they comprise a huge amount of my physical books. I held back on getting an E-reader for many years, but having this piece of equipment, which is basically a tablet computer and has operated as a quick computer when I have needed it to, well it's still the Best Present Ever.

Jesse and Mairon Together at Last is one of the illustrations that I drew for Chaotic Binky's story "Dagor Dagorlach"

I decided to focus on publishing/reading today because I have been so involved in writing for the past year. But I also wanted to put a shout out for my new Deviant Art pages. I finally activated my Deviant Art account and invite you to take a look and see what I've been up to in the art world. I will be loading up a few older projects (Hobby Horse Dreams and maybe my magic wand) and I continue to work on my pencil work. I knew that quite a few friends have been waiting to see what I've been working on, so here you go, I hope I uploaded everything properly - LOL.
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