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Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy Sunday, but that's exactly what I needed. I fell asleep early Saturday night (8 pm - that's virtually unheard of for me) and slept until 9:15 am Sunday morning. Guess I needed it :-) My nose is still running, I am still coughing but I feel tolerably OK. I'm happy I'm not doing any detail work right now though.

We ended up with a new/old screen door. One of our doors is in not-so-good shape from a foiled robbery a few years ago. My father-in-law got a new screen door when the insurance paid on some roofing problems and gave us the old door. It's really nice, removable storm windows and all. Of course, we don't have a truck, but we have my PT Cruiser and DaGrape came through for us again. We actually were able to get the door and windows into the car, still closing the back appropriately AND still had room for DH to sit in the car. I love my car, it's so damn versatile and I do put it through its paces.

Today is President's Day in the US, a day to allow students to fudge and celebrate all of the Presidents in a single day instead of spreading them throughout the year. When I was a kid, we had Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday surrounding Valentine's Day, so we had lots of things we could make and books we could read. Now everything is combined. Rather like throwing veggies into a juicer. Hmmm....

And today is my DH's and my 35th anniversary of when we got together as a couple. We didn't get married until a few years later, but we have always celebrated the 20th as our day. I'm pretty amazed that I'm still in love with my crazy dwarf, but he is likewise amazed that he's still with his pointy-eared elf. I think we balance each other out on good days and combined like oil and water on bad ones. But in's been good. Here's to the next 35 years - LOL.
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Thanks, Ellynn. We have our good days and bad ones, but in the long run, there is no-one else who has captured my imagination and kept my interest for so long.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, hun. I think our longevity is a result of two very stubborn people joining together. We just refuse to give in during the tough times, and ride along happily with the good ones.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't believe in marriage anymore, but I like to see when two people stick together for so long and still are happy together. =)
Now everything is combined. Rather like throwing veggies into a juicer... a very good analogy!

I'm glad you were able to get some good sleep. And Happy Anniversary!
I must have really needed the sleep, I usually can never sleep that long. And thanks for the good wishes :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Yeah, it's actually pretty frightening and something that me, the original "I'll only stay with a guy for six weeks because after that he bores me" girl could never have dreamed of in any dream or nightmare. LOL. Thanks for the congrats.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks so much. Now if we both were over our head colds *sigh*.

- Erulisse (one L)
Happy Anniversary - here's to many more years together!


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Happy Anniversary. ♥

Hooray for lazy days. Sometimes those, and long sleeps, are just what a person needs. Especially when fighting a plague.
Thanks. I guess I really needed to sleep. Today has been coughs and lots of nose blows *sigh*. I really would like to get over this crap already...

- Erulisse (one L)