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Tired and Burned Out

I'm tired. Bone dead, dogged, tired. Part of the reason is because I do have a lighter case of my DH's cold, but the other part is that it is the middle of winter (even though we have escaped snow for the most part this year so far) and I feel like I will never see the spring sun. Next week is Fat Tuesday and the beginning of Lent. I don't celebrate Lent, I'm Pagan, not Catholic, but I'm married to a non-practicing Catholic and he enjoys aspects of Lent. So we pay attention to it. What does it mean for me? Fish on Fridays - yum! Either McDonald's fish sandwiches (which many people could argue, successfully, is not fish at all) or sushi (which other people may consider a bit too much fish). Either way, my Fridays will be marvelous.

We are continuing through our rotation of reality TV. Survivor, One World started this week - what a bunch of totally clueless people. Oy! We're still watching Ink Master (Tuesday and signed for a second season now - yippee), Face Off (Wednesday) and Project Runway All Stars (Thursday and getting down towards the finale). Now we add Survivor on Wednesdays and The Amazing Race on Sundays, additionally there is the new season of Top Shot that just started - same time as Ink Master, so we'll watch Top Shot on on-demand until Ink Master is completed. Watching all of these people suffering through their own problems to achieve their goals, well, it makes me feel a little better as I do my own struggles.

Speaking of which. I am of two minds. I have had a Deviant Art account for years, but have never uploaded to it because the quality of artwork that I like there is so much better than anything I am producing. But, it is impossible to get better without working on something - practice makes perfect, etc., and I am pretty happy with the illustrations that I did for Binky's OEAM Big Bang story which will be released next week. So, I am thinking about finally activating that account and downloading the pics I've done into it. Also, yesterday I treated myself to a heavier-weight drawing pad instead of the light-weight sketch pad, and bought six pencils in varying shades of grey that I found I needed. I have two pictures that I want to try to draw and I want to get going on them fairly quickly. But I also have my presentation and the pictures for that to gather and print. I'm running out of time...tick-tock. How can I feel depressed when I have so much to do!!!????
I'm enjoying Project Runway All-Stars. The challenges seem very clever and difficult.
I loved Project Runway All Stars, because I am a total Austin Scarlett and Mondo fan.

I think the show I truly love the most though is Ink Master - tatoo artists and I love my tats. My DH is totally enamoured of Face Off because he adores FX. So we're really happy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
Good idea to activate your Deviant Art account :D

I never follow Lent because I can never decide what to give up, plus I eat fish anyway :D
Oh, I don't give anything up, I don't want to work Catholic magik - LOL. I just enjoy the fact that my DH prefers fish on Fridays and go along for the ride :-)

I think I'll have to activate my DA account. After you're story is live since most of what I want to put up there are pieces I've done for you :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Sorry you're feeling under the weather--hope you get some rest, soon. I'm also not Catholic and have never observed Lent, but I do appreciate the fish on Fridays tradition!
We're all a wreck at the store today, but we'll pull through and I have Italian food on Saturdays for dinner, so I'l looking forward to that!

- Erulisse (one L)
How funny. I can just visualize the sticking together part. And I'm also sure you'd make a lovely fish. LOL I'll rest tomorrow. Today has been busy here at work, so resting has been difficult.

- Erulisse (one L)