engarian (engarian) wrote,

Overslept Again

I'm fighting to not catch my DH's cold and so far I'm hanging in there. But I overslept this morning, so I guess I'm still a bit groggy. I seem (knocking on wood) to be escaping the worst of it right now. He'll try to go to work today, and I'll try to get a studio day. No guarantee that I won't be called in to work during a portion of the afternoon though.

I got the final illustration for Binky ready last night. I'll scan it this morning and do the lettering, then send it on to her. That will complete my obligations for this spring's Big Bang. I've enjoyed doing the artwork and will continue working on artwork challenges.

My SV story was released on Valentine's Day and, thankfully, the person I wrote it for enjoyed it. I also released a Community Challenge story called A Letter For Nana that I am enjoying. This one was based on a piece of artwork by another member of the community. It was fun to write a story to fit an illustration. Well, off and running (late...).
Tags: art, sick, studio day, writing

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