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Solitary Confinement

I hereby condem my poor, sick DH to solitary confinement until he is over this cold/flu/whatever crud he has. He still feels horrid. I banned him from working yesterday, giving up my day off to work for him. I also am banning him from work today *sigh*. We miss cuddling. There is something comforting and relaxing to have his arm around me while my head is on his shoulder. Right now we're staying several feet apart at all times to try and ensure that I don't catch this crud. I'm skating on the edge of catching this and I really can't afford the time to indulge in sickness. Neither of us are sleeping well. THIS HAS TO STOP! Gods/goddesses of health, how about dropping by my house - LOL.

Love this image of Hygeia, Goddess of Health by P Reubens

I got a fair amount done on my illustration last night and it's starting to come together. I'll work on in again tonight, and if I get some quality work done, I should be able to scan and send it off on Friday. It's cutting things tight, but I hope the timeframe will work.

I thought I would share one of the cards that my poor, sick DH gave me for Valentine's Day, because he can be a sentimental dwarf sometimes and these are the cards that I save.
***I could wish on all the stars in the sky that I could make every dream in your heart come true...But I don't have to wish for my own dreams...because all my dreams came true when your love came into my life. When you became my wife.*** sweet!
Aww, sounds like a really romantic dwarf! :)

Somehow, these words reminded me of a song that is very popular in Croatia right now (from one Croatian rock band) which I like very much. Of course, it sounds much better in Croatian, because it has its rhytm and rhyme; the chorus goes:

I have the day, I have the night
I have the dream, I have the power
I have the moon, and all the stars
And I have nothing if I don't have you.
Oh, that's just lovely, Ellynn. Yes, my DH can come through sometimes. It makes up for the bad times when he gets into a temper funk.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope you do not catch it. I have a cold at the moment and so do my co-workers - we are vying with each other as to who feels the worst.
I broke down this morning and bought some over the counter anti-cold medication just to give me a little more ammunition in the battle against catching my DH's flu. He is sounding much better and probably will be able to work tomorrow. It's been a bad winter for health...feel better soon!!

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you :D I have this Vicks spray that goes up the nose and prevents colds - when I use it I do not get colds but I keep forgetting and so I do lol