engarian (engarian) wrote,

Quarantined? Maybe We Should Be....

Today is my studio day and I'm hoping that I actually get it. But that may not be the case. DH is still sick and he works for me on Wednesdays. I may well get a phone call in the afternoon to come into the shop and work the rest of the day. That would mess up my laundry, working on my final pic for Binky, and my weekly phone call with Marlyn. All things that I was looking forward to (well, to be truthful, I usually don't look forward to laundry, just to the results of having clean towels and clothes). But, if I have to, I'll go in and try to work on my laptop instead of at home. I won't be happy though.

Even though DH is horribly sick with this cold/flu, he still managed to pull off an amazing Valentine's Day for me. When I arrived home there was a vase with a single red rose at my place on our eating table with three cards and a note propped up against the vase. Opening the refrigerator, he had purchased sushi and shrimp for our dinner and lemon cake for dessert later on that evening. It was really wonderful. I know I'll be up on the scale this morning - all that rice always makes me put on a pound or so. But that will be off in a couple of days and it was SO worth it.

Today he was up early (really messing up my morning schedule, but I'm trying to work through it) and gathered the trash together for me. I'll still have to check and make sure he got it all, but if so, he saved me a little bit of time. Why he's up this early? I guess his cough just wouldn't let him sleep, but instead of trying to get back to sleep, he's been roaming around, coming in to talk, then leaving again, etc. *sigh* I hope he gets better soon. Thanks to the many of you who sent positive wishes to him, I'm sure they are helping.
Tags: art, life's pathways, multitask, patience, studio day, valentine's day

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