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Celebrating Post 1000 and More Stuff...

So, this is my 1000th post in this blog and looking at that I'm pretty amazed. As a child I bought diary after diary, all of which languished on a shelf with only a few pages filled in. I just couldn't stick with a journal. But I love keyboarding, so combining a keyboard with a virtual diary was a perfect solution. I now find I can keep a diary of a sort. Generally I speak out six days a week unless I am on vacation or at a conference. I do it for me, but actually get read by others which thrills me because, as human beings, we all want to reach out to each other. I can hardly wait to find out what the next 1000 posts will consist of.

(Just to clarify - it is not my 1000th post to LJ or DW, but I copy my daily blog over to those two boards daily since I have started active membership on those forums.)

Last night was the Grammy Awards Show here in the US. That's the music industry's top awards. I often will watch the show, and watched last night's punctuated by the coughs and sniffles of my poor DH who is sick again with this crud that's been going around. The Grammy's show was quite good, turning out to be a celebration of a lot of older singers and groups - The Beach Boys, Sir Paul McCartney and Glen Campbell to name a few. Of course Whitney Houston was mentioned many times. Another amazing voice, Adele, cleaned up in the awards, winning all six that she had been nominated for. Do you have her album 21? It's worth getting or downloading - enjoy.
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