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I'm In the Mood for Pretty Pictures

It's Saturday and I'm just not in a mood for deep thoughts. I finished my latest Community story last night, I'll look it over again tonight and send it off. I'm still struggling with the last two drabble prompts, so no action there. And I'm almost completely finished with the illustrations for Binky's story. So...I'm in the mood for pretty things. I thought I'd share those with you today.

So, I want to make one (or more) of these. These are aolian harps - wind harps. They are played by the wind running through the strings. I'm in love.

Although I don't live by the sea, I can imagine the winds that can drive the waves would do a wonderful job playing an aolian harp. So, a few pics of wind and waves to continue brightening your day.

So, I hope you have a weekend filled with magic.
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I love looking at pictures of the ocean. There is something so calming about it! Maybe I'm just picturing myself there!
I live far from the ocean, but am fascinated by its many faces.

- Erulisse (one L)
It continuously changes, and that's its beauty. I live about an hour from the beach, and every time I go, it's always a different picture.