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Ouch and Getting There...

Ouch! I knew my car would be expensive, after all, she's almost at 100,000 miles and I wanted to get a thorough breakdown, repair and refit done so that she would be good for another 50,000-100,000 miles (with regular upkeep). But what I had hoped would be only $1100 turned into $1700. I'll be paying for this for the rest of the year *sigh*. I get a small monthly amount from my Mom's estate which has to spread pretty far, and even though I can handle emergency expenses like this, it's never easy. But I now have a car with safe tires, safe brakes, a new water pump, new belts, hoses and seals, and hopefully the last of the big repair bills for several years.

I am working on the last illustration for my friend's Big Bang story. I have her title page, her end piece, and either two or three interior story pieces, but there is one more that I wanted to pull out for her. I'm not sure how my time will go since I have to beta for my German friend (I'm halfway through your next chapter, BTW) and have one of my own stories in the works with a deadline fast approaching and another friend sent me something to read that features one of my original characters that I can't wait to read. How did I ever imagine that I had time on my hands????

And today we're back into the deep freeze for a couple of days, but the snow is continuing to miss us and I'm still OK with that. Here is a lovely pic of a tree in winter to inspire those of you thinking about cold themes in your work. Have a fantastic Friday!
Ouch for the price for the car. But the "safe tires, safe brakes" part is what is really important. ;)

Good luck on busy Friday!
Safe is important. My credit card people are happy. I want to get this paid off quickly, but the beginning of the year are when my major expenses happen, so I'm afraid this won't be paid off until late summer.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope the security of knowing you have a safe car can balance out the pain of paying for it! Cars cost us soooo much $$. *sigh*
I love my car though. 300 more miles and I'll have 100,000 on her. I hope to drive her for many more years, all things good :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Well, that's the goal. But, it's running really harsh right now so I'll probably be talking with the guys again next week if this doesn't go away on its own.

- Erulisse (one L)
I'll give it a couple of days, but if it is still rough on Monday I'll be back there at 7am asking them to take a look at it.

- Erulisse (one L)