engarian (engarian) wrote,

Oops and Success

 I started today off with a big "OOPS". My alarm went off, and I turned it off - I thought. Apparently I hit the snooze instead, and I did't check the lights on the face of the alarm as I usually do. So, with each bit later, it gets louder, and my poor DH came down at 4am complaining that my alarm was blaring. Since he was still playing LOTRO when I went to sleep last night, he might have only had about 4 hours of sleep when my alarm awakened him. Poor DH. I tucked him in with an apology and let him go back to his complaining sleep.

Alarm Clock

I didn't accomplish anything at all on holiday gifts yesterday, although I met with my broker and got all things mailed except for seven cards that I will address at work today. I just had a tough time getting in the mood. I'll have to do some shopping for the holidays. I can do some next Wednesday.

Sun Dogs

Yesterday was a magic day, though. And I knew it would be a good one beginning in the early morning. I had my meeting with my broker scheduled for 9am and he is across town, so it is a drive to get there during rush hour traffic. But I had enough time to mail my packages on the way out, and looking to the southeast as I was driving, there was a beautiful rainbow sun dog around the sun - totally magical. Then the meeting went well, and my friend at my box store gave me the one box that I needed at no charge for Solstice - so sweet! I had a nice lunch, got the groceries and a couple of small holiday gifts, and then went home, did some computer work and finally played LOTRO for a few hours. All in all, I had a wonderful day. I hope you did also.
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