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What Am I Thinking Of ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

OK, I am known for packing my days off with stuff - lots of stuff - but today is a little ridiculous. I'll start at 5:45am getting the recycling ready and put out. Then, drive to the shop to get everything ready for the day (turning on the computers, etc). Then north 20 minutes to pick up Meghan for breakfast, which is another 20 minutes or so south where we will meet up with Chickie for said gustatorial feasting. After a conviviel shared talk over food, coffee and bacon (because nothing is complete without bacon), I will return Meghan to her homestead and continue on my way.

I came across this pic while searching for appropriate pictures for today's blog. I just fell in love with it and had to share....what can I say? I have a sense of humor?

I'll go south again - another 30 minutes, to pick up bags for the shop. We're running short and may not make it until next week. Then I want to drop by Wet Paint, a local art supply store, for some gel pens in colors that I don't already have and some regular colored pencils (turns out I only have watercolor pencils - what's up with that?). At some time in my back and forth, I'm expecting a phone call from my broker (it sounds much more impressive than it really is) about some CD's that need to be reallocated (sigh - there is just NOTHING out there that pays any money - very frustrating). When I finally get home I have a story in the works, a double drabble sitting in my mind, and Valentine wishes to send on, then I can crack out my pencils again and try to finish the pencil work for the primary illustration I'm working on as well as starting the other two illustrations I want which I think I can do digitally. Since CS5 is working again (thanks again, Seth!!!) I might be able to work on my DH's computer instead of my own slow clunker.

This piece is done using colored pencils. Pretty amazing work by artist Richard Klekociuk.

And I hope to speak with my friend in California again this afternoon, we've been talking every week for the past few and it's been pure joy. I hope all of you have as pleasant a day as I plan on, just a bit less hectic :-)
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