engarian (engarian) wrote,

Stumbles in the Road

So I wanted to buy an album off iTunes yesterday morning. The album seemed to be just what I wanted to listen to after I finish my latest audio book on my Nano, and it was recommended by friends. I listened to sample tracks and liked what I heard. Signing on, I first got sidetracked with an Apple update *sigh*, then tried to actually buy the album. No - my password wasn't recognized as ligit. *sigh* OK, I'll reset the darned thing AGAIN (this happens regularly). An Email was sent for resetting my password, but I had to leave for work. Last night, I wanted to download it, but my DH had something else for me to do...So, this morning I finally got around to resetting my password. I'll try this one more time. Oy! If I didn't really want the album......

My writing has also hit a wall. I know this is temporary - I'm focused on the artwork I'm doing for OEAM Big Bang, having a blast making a "cover" illustration that's working. It isn't that often that my drawings work, so I'm really happy. I have two others in my thoughts, and my morning time, which is my writing time, has been taken up with graphite pencils and gum erasers. I hope to cobble some writing together quickly, but it probably won't be at the quality that I want. Nonetheless, there are things I've semi-committed to that I want to finish.

And I have to give a lecture to my local bead society in a month. I am a bit astonished by how many of my customers have told me that they plan on being there. I do have people who rely on me for accurate information in this field of craft, but I haven't had a chance to really work on this presentation yet. I have to get going on this, I can't let people down. Geez - guess I'm not letting any moss grow underneath my rolling stone just now! Have a less stumbling and more creative day and hug a person or animal - spread the love.
Tags: art, planning, positive thinking, writing

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