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Sharing Beauty

Saturday morning was magic. I awakened to a world that had been touched by a magic wand and hoarfrost covered every surface. After I got to the shop, I put on my coat, put my keys in my pocket, and grabbed my camera. I'm sharing the photos below.

I had a marvelous Sunday honoring the God of Cholesteral while eating too many things that were bad for me and watching the Superbowl. The game was excellent, the commercials were fun, I got quite a bit done on my latest illustration efforts, and ate my dip (excellent) pizza rolls (not so good - we'll throw away the rest of them) and stuffed cupcakes (marvelous). We didn't have any room or desire to eat the Bar-B-Que ribs or shrimp, so those remain for the week ahead. Not too bad :-) We also spent the morning at Barnes & Noble getting a few book and mags, and had breakfast out as well. All in all, Sunday was a lovely day.
Tags: barnes & noble, camera, drawing, football

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