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In Love with Pencils

So I'm busy drawing again and it's so much fun. I had forgotten how much fun I can have with pencils in my hand. I committed to providing at least one illustration for a friend's story and I'm working on that. I sent her a scan of a preliminary sketch yesterday and she was fine with the concept, so I'm good to go. I'm ready to dive into the real thing beginning this morning and I'll bring my travel easel home from the shop with me for Sunday and maybe get some more work done on it tomorrow too. I wish I was a bit more practiced, it would take less time. But I was getting the look I wanted in the preliminary so now I get to go crazy. I want to watercolor one copy and have a pencil copy also, so I'll actually do two versions.

There are other images that I also want to have in the story, but I think those are things that I can Photoshop successfully. I'll work with that on my next day off so that I can be uninterrupted. Sometimes the computer programs take more time than just picking up a pencil or eraser. I'm quite excited to be drawing again. What fun!

Today, of course, is Saturday, so I get to work one hour less and I get Italian food for dinner. All good! I don't think DH and I have anything planned in stone for tomorrow, so maybe we'll go to the Minneapolis art supply store....or....who knows. The weather has been great here (Denver, however, got pounded with 24 inches of snow yesterday), so the sky is the limit. Have a wonderful and productive weekend. Tell someone that you love them today - it will make them very happy. Oh! And there is a little event called the Superbowl going on tomorrow. Guess I'll be eating lots of calorie-laden food and watching fun commercials...oh and watching some football too :-)
Oh, I will. I'll regret it when I step on the scale Monday morning, but I think it is worth it :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Wait, is this about another illustration right, or are you going to redo "Meadhros Alone Stood Aside"? What story are you illustrating?
- oh also! had to comment on your choice of music. I think that is actually one of the pieces I played last year haha! It is lovely.
It is a lovely piece. I usually pick something classical as my choice of music for my daily blog/post :-) If everyone listened to the musical choices I post, they would get a rather nice grounding in classical music :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
This is another work. I am the artist assigned to illustrate Chaotic Binky's OEAM Big Bang story, so I'm working on several pieces for that, a large "cover" illustration and several "chapter" illustrations (although there aren't actual chapters in the manuscript). It's fun.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, I am having fun taking up my pencils and paints again. It's been too long that the only thing I've been painting has been word paintings.

- Erulisse (one L)