engarian (engarian) wrote,

Sharpening My Colored Pencils...

Actually, I'm sharpening my artistic skills because they are being pulled in to play now. I am still working on my LOTR Community Art Challenge (I'm WAY late with this, but knew I would be and was assured by the moderator that late was OK). I did get some work done on it yesterday, now I'm into the coloring and painting section - crossing my fingers because I can really ruin it now - LOL.

And I had volunteered to do artwork for an author for OEAM Big Bang. I got my author assignment over the weekend and started reading her text. Fortunately she is an f-list friend, so I don't think she'll be too disappointed with whatever I come up with, but I will have firm deadlines for this one so can't fall too far behind on them. I don't know yet how many illustrations I'll end up doing for this, I'll figure it out as I read.

DH and I had a somewhat relaxing Sunday. We shoveled some minor snow and scattered salt to help eliminate ice, then went to Target for foodstuffs, etc (because food is just one of those important things...) and after we had put the groceries away, we hopped on over to Dick Blick Art Supplies to see what we could find. I bought a ceramic tile for an enamel piece I want to play with, and a finger controlled craft knife because I have lost the first two I already had (sigh). DH got some new pens, and I bought Chickie a black sketch pad that she had been wanting. I was pleased. I'll be back there on Wednesday with a coupon to pick up some pens that DH had wanted. I told him I'd buy them for him with my coupon, but I had left the coupon at my computer station at work (silly me). Oh well.

Now...back to work, back to the grindstone, back to writing another drabble within the next day or so, and back to reading for illustrations. This could be a fun week...and it will end with Super Bowl (happy commercials and horrible, good tasting food). All is good - LOL.
Tags: art, big bang, inspiration, multitask, writing

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