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Shipping Day

 Well, I've been working for several weeks to get my Solstice gifts made and my holiday cards made. Today is shipping day for all of my cards and gifts that are going out of town. I ran short by less than 10 cards, so I will break down and buy one box of cards to send since I really don't have the time to make any additional ones and those will be mailed by the end of the week. So, those of you who are getting gifts from me (and you know who you are), keep your eyes open for the mail. My domestic shipments should be received by the weekend, and my overseas shipments should be received in 7-10 days. Please let me know that you've received your boxes so that I know they got to their new homes.

Gifts, Wrapped

Wrapped gift boxes - what fun! Go ahead and open your cards first,
the inserts in the cards explain your gifts.

My timeline for gifts is winding down. I have my DH and Chickie left and I will be working on those gifts today and the rest of the month. I am not as far along as I wanted to be - not for lack of trying, just for lack of time.

Dollar in Chrome

I am meeting with my stockbroker today to see what, if anything, can be done to massage my portfolio so that it can actually generate the income that I need. Don't think that I've got some huge amounts of money, here. I have the money that I inherited when my Mother died several years ago. I've been investing that in CD's so that the money was safe and I got a small amount of interest that I could use to live on. But in these days of 0% interest, it's not generating any money and I need some. So my broker says he has some ideas to present to me and I will listen and make some decisions that I sincerely hope I will not regret. All I know is that I must have some income coming in. I have bills to pay and I am responsible for several $1000 payments throughout the year. I can't afford those just by putting $1 bills into my cash jar, so I need some miracles. So, I'm off to see the Wizard....
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