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The Possibilities

I was running all over town yesterday, but managed to get my errands complete, worked on some writing, figured out where I wanted to go with my latest art project (if this works, it may be a miracle - LOL) and had a lovely phone talk with a friend for an hour late in the afternoon. Three loads of laundry were washed, the vaulted ceiling of the livingroom was dusted, the sheets were changed, and Face Off last night was excellent - body painting at high caliber.

This lovely aquatic creature was from the second episode of Face Off and had to survive both in the studio
as well as submerged in a tank of water.

As if life doesn't have enough reality in my life (hmmm, did I ever wish for a dull life?), I love some types of reality television. One new show that my DH and I have fallen in love with is on Tuesday nights called Ink Master. This is a tattoo competition for $100,000 prize and it is the judges that make this show really work. They are brash, confrontative, and they don't back down. I've watched two episodes now, and for entertainment value, it's right up there. The winning tatoo for this week which featured tribal tatoo styles was by James Vaughn and it was nicely done.

They only get six hours to produce their tatoos, and what James was able to do within that timeframe,
as well as the quality of the work - awesome!

And for the entertainment disappointment of the year - Heidi Klum and Seal have separated after more than five years of marriage and three children. They were the ultimate romantic couple, getting remarried every year. His proposal, in 2004, was on top of a mountain in an igloo furnished with a bed, candles, roses and rose petals everywhere. He flew her there on a private helicopter. Pretty darned romantic. What a disappointment that they couldn't even reach their 10th anniversary. *sigh*
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