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Delays and Apologies

For years I've been posting on my blog six-days-a-week unless I was on a vacation. But Saturday I tried to log in and couldn't. Thus started a weekend of semi-frustration and no access. Finally, this morning, I was able to align the stars properly, make the appropriate sacrifices to the electronic gods of the circuit, and waft the correct scent of insence in the air - voila! I am now connected again and I can communicate with myself and, through my thoughts, others again.

I have been fighting a head cold over the past few days, in fact, that was my last post before my electronic meltdown. Unfortunately, the cold has been tenacious and I am still fighting the great fight. I feel better, but am not recovered by any stretch. No wasting time today, though. My reality is that I work for a living, and work hard. So I'll be at the shop today filling mail orders and helping customers, filing our electronic taxes, and dealing with my partner. All normal, all things that I have to be present for. *sigh* I suspect I'll be exhausted by the time I arrive home tonight.

Last Solstice (2010) I had asked my DH for a NookColor, the Barnes & Noble e-reader. I waxed poetic about it for a while, and then was silent. But I have to let all of you know that this is STILL the BEST PRESENT EVER and something that I use EVERY DAY. With the introduction of their NookTablet, and their upgrade in the software system, the apps for this machine have gone crazy and I not only read book on it, but play games and...I can write my fiction on it. Yes, there is an app on this that allows me to write in an MS Word format and Dropbox is also on as an app for free, so I can save my doc to my dropbox, and then pick it up again at home on my desktop later that day. I'm a happy, happy writer :-)
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Thanks, Ellynn. Things are certainly a bit more positive than they were 24 hours ago :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Things can only be horrid for so long, right? But because I was feeling so crummy, I'm now more than a week behind schedule on many things...*sigh*. Oh well, I'll get them done on time - especially filing all of the end of the year taxes that are due by the end of the month. (Such joy to own one's own business - LOL.)

- Erulisse (one L)
There are electronic gods of the circuit? I wonder if that is why my computer keeps getting the blue screen lol
There are! And many other kitchen gods - the lesser gods that make our lives run smoothly. I think they went on strike this past weekend, at least in my house :-) Things seem to be good again now though.

- Erulisse (one L)