engarian (engarian) wrote,

I Need a Friday...

Yesterday was a lost day. I fell under the baleful influence of a head cold and spent much of the day sleeping and shivering. I had a really hard time getting warm. I fully admit that it's cold outside. When I left the house yesterday morning it was -11F (-23.8C) with a wind chill of -33F (-36.1C), but I was properly bundled up, so that wasn't my problem. This head cold has really hit me hard, though.

I finally gave up on sleeping in bed at 2am this morning. It is highly distracting to hear crackling when I breathe, so I moved downstairs where I could elevate a bit. I may end up sleeping in the recliner for a couple of nights while I try to get over this stupid cold. I have to be at work today, so I'll find out how crummy I really feel. If it is horrible, I'll leave work early and go to the clinic for some meds.

Project Runway All Stars last night had the designers creating a flamboyant cocktail dress for Miss Piggy. Yes, the one and only Miss Piggy of The Muppets. I agree that grey and pink are colors that traditionally go together, but Austin Scarlett's pink was more mauve and it was a horrid choice of color. He was in the bottom three, but is safe for another week. Michael was the winner with a lovely, multicolored dress featuring a flat bow down the right front side. I didn't like Rami's dress at all, but it was Gordana who went home.
Tags: reality tv, sick, weather

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