engarian (engarian) wrote,

Stepping in the Dance

Yesterday was one of those two steps forward and one step back kind of days. I got most of my errands completed in the morning, then went home and finished my SV piece. That's done and ready to send on now. It's not too bad :-)

I got welcome concrit on my current drabble as well as firm suggestions on how to tighten it up which I instituted. I still have one more change to make this morning after I return from my morning errands later today.

I had a simply lovely conversation with a friend that I've really been missing. We didn't talk about anything earthshaking, but spent almost 1-1/2 hours catching up with each other. I have a direction now in a story that had me bogged down, so I am absolutely joyous.

And Face Off last night was awesome. Love that show!

Unfortunately I also wasn't able to get the effect that I wanted with my fire and enamel (I'll probably try again today) and I am coming down with a cold that kept me snarfling and coughing all night. So when I woke up at 3:30 this morning, I was up for 20 minutes and decided to wrap up and go back to sleep for almost two hours on the downstairs couch. That, at least, was a good idea. But I'll be fighting this cold for a few days - bleh!
Tags: friends, sick, studio day, writing

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