engarian (engarian) wrote,

What Gods Have We Angered?

Yesterday morning I was optimistic about things having turned around and being able to focus on crafting for a while again. I had stories in the works, artwork ready to be crafted, Bead & Button classes registered for, I was reading happily each morning, listening to an audio book in "spare" moments, and LOTRO was plugging along. DH was even feeling better. Everything was looking good.

At 9:10am I got a phone call from DH. "My car won't start. It turned over, gave a 'whoosh' and now it won't start at all."

My response? "I'll be right there." So within two minutes I was in my car driving home again. I had enough time to get him to work and myself to work before unlocking the store, and then had to drive him home again after work. He tried the car one more time after we had returned at night, and it is non-responsive. So, at 6:30 am today I get to phone AAA to arrange for a tow to get his car delivered to the repair station. We'll get that arranged, then I'll drop him back home because he has Tuesdays off from work, and I'll continue on my merry way. It's a total muck-up of my morning schedule, will cost us money that we really don't have, and in general was NOT what we needed right now. *sigh* Here we go again... At least we had good sales for a Monday...that's something positive at least :-)
Tags: dh, repair

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