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Moving Forward

So, last week is just better off behind me. I had a sick husband, had to work an extra day, and ticked off friends who really mean a lot to me. Basically, it was horrendus, I owe apologies to lots of people, and I'm just looking at today as an opportunity to start again - sorely needed.

One of my holiday gifts from my DH was a promise to contribute towards my Bead & Button Show expenses. He wants me to go, was very disappointed that I had decided I could not afford the expense. So I carefully balanced my expenses and decided that I could afford a shorter time with a different hotel and only two classes. I'll stay a bit farther away - I'll have one more block to walk to get to the Convention Center, so I'll make sure to pack an umbrella since rain can sometimes be a problem. Maybe I'll buy one of those awesome Samuri Sword umbrellas like Zhie had when I saw her last year. But the hotel has free parking and free internet - both very important and both huge expenses at the closer hotels.

TOOL MAGIC 101 - Too Fun!

I also signed up for two classes. That's right, oh long-term friends of mine who know I'm a class addict - only two. I signed up for Tool Making 101 - grinding, sawing, and flaming tool steel - fun, and happy time. Also I signed up for a class called Loveburst by Melissa Manley. She's an artist who I've followed for several years and the technique will teach a method of forming metal without the use of a hydraulic press, then playing with enamel (my love). I'll have a lot of fun at both of these classes. Then I'll have two days open for the show itself and I hope to have a chance to get together with Zhie and her fabulous hubby for at least one night of dinner and drinks, and who knows, maybe more if things permit.

LOVEBURST - I'm not really a heart fan, but I want to learn the technique

So I guess I'm going to Milwaukee after all. That's going to push back my ability to get a new computer, and I really, really need one. But, I'll have to push it to the back half of the year and re-examine my cash then. In the meantime, I'll continue to save as much as I can for as long as possible. So...time to get ready for work *sigh*.
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Well, I am an enameler and metal artist who has worked with beads, fire and chemicals for many years. My OFC is a glass artist and I love it when she wants to come out and play in my fiction. Fire....good!!!

- Erulisse (one L)
I am an erstwhile textile artist and love to put on my chemist's apron and goggles for dyeing. I also get to play with fire but only the gas burners to heat the dye pots. :D
I once took a week-long workshop in natural dying techniques from Trudy Van Stralen ( )when I attended SOAR in the 1980's. I still have a lot of the natural dye materials in jars in my dark basement, and I have the color cards that we made.

I really loved standing over the dye pots, dealing with color saturation, etc. Of course, at that time I was doing a lot more spinning which my hands don't permit me to do now, and really haven't since the mid-90's.

Play with your fire and colors, it's WAY fun! (goggles would have been a good idea for us, but the thought never crossed our minds back then)

- Erulisse (one L)