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Moving Forward

So, last week is just better off behind me. I had a sick husband, had to work an extra day, and ticked off friends who really mean a lot to me. Basically, it was horrendus, I owe apologies to lots of people, and I'm just looking at today as an opportunity to start again - sorely needed.

One of my holiday gifts from my DH was a promise to contribute towards my Bead & Button Show expenses. He wants me to go, was very disappointed that I had decided I could not afford the expense. So I carefully balanced my expenses and decided that I could afford a shorter time with a different hotel and only two classes. I'll stay a bit farther away - I'll have one more block to walk to get to the Convention Center, so I'll make sure to pack an umbrella since rain can sometimes be a problem. Maybe I'll buy one of those awesome Samuri Sword umbrellas like Zhie had when I saw her last year. But the hotel has free parking and free internet - both very important and both huge expenses at the closer hotels.

TOOL MAGIC 101 - Too Fun!

I also signed up for two classes. That's right, oh long-term friends of mine who know I'm a class addict - only two. I signed up for Tool Making 101 - grinding, sawing, and flaming tool steel - fun, and happy time. Also I signed up for a class called Loveburst by Melissa Manley. She's an artist who I've followed for several years and the technique will teach a method of forming metal without the use of a hydraulic press, then playing with enamel (my love). I'll have a lot of fun at both of these classes. Then I'll have two days open for the show itself and I hope to have a chance to get together with Zhie and her fabulous hubby for at least one night of dinner and drinks, and who knows, maybe more if things permit.

LOVEBURST - I'm not really a heart fan, but I want to learn the technique

So I guess I'm going to Milwaukee after all. That's going to push back my ability to get a new computer, and I really, really need one. But, I'll have to push it to the back half of the year and re-examine my cash then. In the meantime, I'll continue to save as much as I can for as long as possible. So...time to get ready for work *sigh*.
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Those workshops sound like great. An acquaintance recently took up making glass beads and is happily waving around blowtorches. It's always more fun when fire or dangerous chemicals are involved!
Well, I am an enameler and metal artist who has worked with beads, fire and chemicals for many years. My OFC is a glass artist and I love it when she wants to come out and play in my fiction. Fire....good!!!

- Erulisse (one L)
I am an erstwhile textile artist and love to put on my chemist's apron and goggles for dyeing. I also get to play with fire but only the gas burners to heat the dye pots. :D
I once took a week-long workshop in natural dying techniques from Trudy Van Stralen ( )when I attended SOAR in the 1980's. I still have a lot of the natural dye materials in jars in my dark basement, and I have the color cards that we made.

I really loved standing over the dye pots, dealing with color saturation, etc. Of course, at that time I was doing a lot more spinning which my hands don't permit me to do now, and really haven't since the mid-90's.

Play with your fire and colors, it's WAY fun! (goggles would have been a good idea for us, but the thought never crossed our minds back then)

- Erulisse (one L)