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One Last Workday This Week...

What a week. With my poor DH down with diverticulitis and, after beginning to heal from that, coming down with the beginnings of the flu, it's been unbelievable stressful and I've had to work a six-day week. On the writing front, I finished and turned in a LOTR Community story, I'm almost finished with my SV story, and I did another drabble - this time to address the word "borrow". My first attempt was dismal and I pulled it the next day. My second attempt moved it's scope over to one of my more familiar playgrounds - Ost-in-Edhel and the admittance of Annatar into the Gwaith-i-Mirdain. This version I was pleased with and put it up for concrit. Changes suggested were looked at and, if I felt they were consistent with my inner view of the scene, were incorporated.

When an author, a student writing a paper for his fourth-grade class or a professional author with many books on the shelves bearing her name, constructs a scene, s/he develops a mental image of what is being written. In many cases the author lives the work, walks through the rooms, looks at the content on tables, and sees the layout of the buildings. Each author's vision is unique. Unless they are writing a purely factual text, everything is subject to interpretation. In a fictional work, everything is up for grabs.

I rarely spend so much time over a blog post, and I rarely delete as much as I have on this one to avoid casting stones. I live in as much of a glass house as anyone, and I'm personally a bit shy of stones. I gave a reasoned response to someone I considered a friend yesterday and received a thrown stone in return. *sigh* Maybe next week will be better.
I'm used to thinking on the opposite side of the norm. I also love writing poetry. The entire idea of compressing one slide of time and a scene into a mere 100 words just appeals to me. It's those multi-chaptered, multi-word epics such as both of you write so very well that completely stop me in my tracks. It'll be OK. We'll either work it our or not, but it won't stop my writing and won't stop my asking for crit on my drabbles.

Thanks and hugs to both of you. I'm sure things will look 1000% better after I catch up on some sleep (it would be really nice if my DH could start feeling better too *sigh*).

- Erulisse (one L)
I began writing with poetry when I was ten. I simply found that what I wanted to do was write stories. Coming from o-fic to fanfic also affected what I look for in fanfiction: sweeping, heretical 'verses.

And speaking of which, I think Ziggy has just updated. What a great start to the morning!
Oh great! An update by Ziggy, and the opportunity to maybe catch up on some chapters by you (sorry, my holiday season was a total zoo of work/sleep/get up and do it again). It seems that I have a nice Sunday ahead of me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)