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Stepping Through Lightly

 So, yesterday was Day 5 of my seven working Sundays leaving me two more Sundays to work. It was quiet, although I did have customers so it wasn't a complete waste of my time. But I'm still falling below my personal minimum dollar amount for each of the Sundays except for the first one. It's frustrating, but it is a customer service that I provide for the holidays and I will probably continue to do it while I have the shop in operation. Anything for customer service.

Ebeneezer Scrooge
I'm trying really hard to not be an Ebeneezer Scrooge
(although I love his story)

In any rate, at least it was time not wasted. I got my holiday cards to progress one more step towards being mailed. I'll do the final part today and, with luck, have everything ready to send by Wednesday. I am still getting a few last-minute addresses from some of my author E-friends to add to my final list. I will start entering addresses today and figure out how many additional cards I may need. I'm not sure if I will make any additional cards or break down and purchase a box or two. It is much easier to just buy some cards, and actually would be less expensive also, it's just not as much fun. But this Wednesday has to be focused on making gifts, not working on cards or other paper-type creative projects. I also need a new blade for my Silhouette, so I need to get that ordered. I think I still have a coupon that I can use to help reduce the cost for that. I really thought that the original blade would last a lot longer, but I'm getting too many miscuts and I'll blame my blade for those.

Holiday Letter
Holiday letters can be a bore. Time to make
them environmentally friendly and use my blog instead.

I have always included a holiday letter with most of my cards. Not with all of them because my family really don't need to know what I've been up to artistically, etc. But for many of my friends who are in contact with me once a year, and for my acquaintences, it can be fun. My DH has always hated that I included holiday letters with my cards. So this year I have decided to post my annual holiday letter as my blog for Christmas Eve. That will give people the opportunity to read it if they want, and ignore it if they prefer. Choice - it's a wonderful thing.
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