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Still Working...

So my Manager is still too sick to come to work, although he is slowly getting better. I am hoping that I'll get a day off tomorrow, but I have to work today. Of course, I normally do work on Thursdays, so it's not an unexpected schedule, but I would really like my day off at some time this week. Even if I can take tomorrow off, I'm not 100% sure that he'll be feeling well enough to actually be of any help to my other staff instead of just sitting in the back room reading the newspaper or perching at the computer working on possible purchase orders and order recommendations.

I downloaded several apps for my NookColor yesterday, mostly puzzle apps because that's the kind of thing I really love. I also made a fairly extensive wish list of apps that I want to purchase. With most of them running $1 to $3, this won't break the bank, but I want to be sure before I eat memory up with apps. I really use my NookColor for books, but it never hurts to have portable entertainment either :-)

I probably wrote one of the worst short pieces I've ever written yesterday morning. Fortunately that opinion was borne out by two others, so I rewrote it in the afternoon with a completely different subject focus and now it works, and works well. At least I accomplished something yesterday, since I wanted to beta the latest chapter of my friend's story and can't do much on that until I have several uninterrupted hours. Happy Thursday!
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That green thing is how I feel today. Just got home after being sent off early - no one wanted to share my germs! Most odd!
I'm all for generosity, but sharing germs passes the bar. Feel better soon!

- Erulisse (one L)