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Scheduling Change...Crap!

So, today is supposed to be my day off. Unfortunately, my Manager has come down with diverticulitis and asked me to work for him today. I'll get my day off later in the week...but my schedule is all scrammed up today.

I was going to phone a friend in California who I wanted to catch up with for quite a while and we just couldn't work out the schedule, so we're putting it off again - for another week. One more thing that messed up for my day off.

I did get my weekly drabble written last night and posted on my writer's board, but I'm not thrilled with it. It's tolerable, but it won't go down in history as one of my knife-edged drabbles. Then again, it's hard to be knife edged when you're dealing with a young child and his father. It's not exactly battling the forces of evil with sharp swords.

So, if I sound a bit dispirited today, I am. It's temporary, and I know I'll get my day off later in the week, but I am a glutton for scheduling and my schedule just got blown away. So I'll concentrate on beauty instead, sharing pics of beautiful things with my readers instead. Equilibrium.....
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