Tolkien, artist

Thoughts on Creativity

I get asked periodically about creativity. "Where does your creativity come from?" Or, "You're so creative, I could never do what you do." It's a possibility that the person(s) speaking may not be able to do what I do - not in terms of creativity but simple knowledge of the stitches, procedures, and techniques that I use. But I do believe that each person has some creativity.

I get people in my store quite often who are accompanying their friends while they pick some items up for their latest project. Of, if they are very lucky, they are picking beads together because their friend is going to make something for them. When I talk with them, they say thay are not creative people. But then we start exploring the areas in which they ARE creative - because they invariably are, just not in beading or jewelry crafting.

The person who can't/won't bead or make jewelry may be an amazing cook. S/he may have the garden that all of the neighborhood visits. S/he may be the family historian and geneologist. S/he may knit or crochet sweaters and socks. S/he may write...oh...she may write. The creativity of mankind spreads its wings throughout everyone, but in different ways. Explore your personal creavitity today and feed it.
I wonder if some people are afraid to fail or are afraid that their efforts will be somehow "not good enough"? So they never let themselves try and are convinced that they could never do that.
I have met many people over the years who have lost the bravery they had when they were children. When you are a child, you try everything. When you grow older, artificial definitions of expectations or levels of achievement were placed on the experimentation and many people pulled into shells of their own devising. With the withdrawal of experimentation, also often came a withdrawal of joy and innocence. It's a shame that this happens so often, and often within the educational system that we rely upon to assist us in raising our children.

- Erulisse (one L)