engarian (engarian) wrote,

Weekend Looming - Work Ahead

Well, today is Saturday and I am psyched. It's been holiday after holiday and finally we're back to normal. I got some beadwork done last night, and even more important, I got a chapter betaed for my friend in Germany. I had been feeling horribly guilty because I was so behind with her due to my horrid work schedule for the holidays. Of course, we know the routine by now, we've been working together for more than two years now. But I still feel much better having sent a chapter on to her for a look-over.

Sales...well, we seem to be moving back into our sales figures that were fairly normal for last year again. That's not necessarily a good thing, but there's not much that I can do about it. So far we're able to keep Chickie working and that's my goal for the year. So we'll see how well we can do.

DH said that he wants me to go to the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee in June, something that I had decided I couldn't afford. So for Christmas, he promised me some financial support. I do have to find a much less expensive hotel, and I might go out by the train or bus to cut down the cost of parking fees. I think I can afford one class, so I've been looking through the catalog and think I have that figured out. It will be shorter and cheaper, but I hope I'll be able to have a good time, and also I hope I'll be able to get together with Zhie and Mark again. Meeting them last year was a true joy. So...Have an EXCELLENT weekend - the first one of 2012.
Tags: bead & button show, beta, stormcloud trading

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