engarian (engarian) wrote,

Friday Timeframe Panics

So, my DH has been complaining that I spend too much time at my computer and not enough time with him. He wants me to cut down on my writing. But I really need to start my Beta work for my friend again (I've been VERY bad and hadn't touched her stuff since before the holiday), I've got Slashy Valentine and LOTR Community Challenge, the new ALEC just came through this morning, I have my weekly drabble for Tolkien Weekly, and LOTR Community also decided to do an art challenge that is intriguing me. Time...I have a feeling it is not my friend.

I am scheduled to give a lecture to the Upper Midwest Bead Society for the March meeting. That means I need to get my act together on that - samples have to be made, notes need to be taken, and if I want anything for accompanying materials, I have to have those ready. I keep telling my fellow members to have their rotten fruit ready to throw. At least it would liven up things a bit. Subject wise, this will be hard to make really fun, but not really a problem to discuss - topic: Beads and Stitches - An Exploration. I can do this in my sleep, but they deserve me awake and prepared.

So...a life. Yeah...right. Those of you asking about my glass saw and what I am doing with it...that's going to have to be a mid-March begin time just because of all of the things I have already listed. *sigh* I really need a clone...
Tags: choices, positive thinking, scheduling, upper midwest bead society, writing
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