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Friday Timeframe Panics

So, my DH has been complaining that I spend too much time at my computer and not enough time with him. He wants me to cut down on my writing. But I really need to start my Beta work for my friend again (I've been VERY bad and hadn't touched her stuff since before the holiday), I've got Slashy Valentine and LOTR Community Challenge, the new ALEC just came through this morning, I have my weekly drabble for Tolkien Weekly, and LOTR Community also decided to do an art challenge that is intriguing me. Time...I have a feeling it is not my friend.

I am scheduled to give a lecture to the Upper Midwest Bead Society for the March meeting. That means I need to get my act together on that - samples have to be made, notes need to be taken, and if I want anything for accompanying materials, I have to have those ready. I keep telling my fellow members to have their rotten fruit ready to throw. At least it would liven up things a bit. Subject wise, this will be hard to make really fun, but not really a problem to discuss - topic: Beads and Stitches - An Exploration. I can do this in my sleep, but they deserve me awake and prepared.

So...a life. Yeah...right. Those of you asking about my glass saw and what I am doing with it...that's going to have to be a mid-March begin time just because of all of the things I have already listed. *sigh* I really need a clone...
On the plus side, you now have a whole year ahead of you to get everything done! (this is my not-very-convincing way of getting over the fact that it's 2012). Good luck with your to-do list, anyway!
Oh, don't I wish. I will probably have to drop a couple of things this month - time is catapulting and I am merely walking my way through the mine field.

It doesn't seem real, does it? 2012 already? Oy! Tempus fugit!

- Erulisse (one L)
It's not fair of him to ask you to stop writing. I mean, if you were just playing computer games and did nothing useful the whole day, it would be ok to ask you to stop sitting on the computer. But to stop writing? It is something creative, it is something beautiful, it is something that gives the feeling of fullfilment! He should try to imagine how he'd feel if someone told him to stop doing something that gives him fullfilment and joy. *frowns*
Fair? No, it's not fair of him. But with the hours that I work and the fact that we really only see each other outside of work about 2-3 hours a day, I don't really blame him for feeling short-changed at times.

Unfortunately, he really doesn't have anything that gives him fulfillment and joy, and I have far too many things that can take up my time. I love my writing and won't give it up, but I'll just have to be more efficient in the mornings instead of at night. Not as easy, but somehow I'll juggle and try to keep everything in the air *sigh*.

Thanks, hun. Your support means a great deal to me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Think of it this way -- with leap year, we have a who;e extra day! :) Granted, it's not the same as getting more than 24 hrs. into a day but it helps some right? :)
Whoop! I need that extra day - I have dibs on it - LOL.

I think I need a friendly Time Lord to give me at least two extra hours each day...

- Erulisse (one L)
I guess the question is what would he expect you to do with the time if you did spend less time writing? Not that I think you should...

But if he was suggesting meals out, trips to the theatre, or similar, one might be willing to give up an evening's writing a week. But if he just means sit and watch TV with him - then tell him you can happily write whilst sitting in front of the television anyway!
I think he just wants me to be next to him and he has a right to more of my time. I just really want to write.

As for being able to write anyway, unfortunately I can't write unless I'm at a keyboard and I prefer to work at my desktop computer instead of my laptop. It's a preference, but I hate the physical action of writing and love playing the keyboard. It's rather like playing an instrument, something I've done for most of my life.

- Erulisse (one L)
You have got a lot to write. I hope DH eases up on demanding more time with you.
I do have a lot on my plate, but I always do. I just need to get out of the 6000-10,000 word fics and back to short ficlets. My life would be a lot easier if I could tame my muse :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Yep, awkward. Specially if he hasn't an equivalent hobby/interest. I suppose it's a good warning not to over-commit at least.
Well, nothing is carved in stone except Slashy Valentine (because I refuse to let someone down who is counting on a story). The other items, if I had to drop one or the other, I could do it. And I don't participate in LOTR Community and/or ALEC every month - the topics have to be of interest to me.

I am totally committed to Slashy Valentine and to the Bead Society lecture. Those are mandatory (at least I get paid for the lecture - LOL).

- Erulisse (one L)
That's another reason I'm very glad I never married as I just put the cats out in hall if they object to my writing!I hope you can make him see reason. For writers we need to write as much as we need to breathe!
Well, last night was the premier of the new season of Merlin - a show that I don't care for but he loves. So I was able to grab an additional hour at my computer and get a chapter betaed out for my author. At least some of my guilt has been relieved :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm glad to hear that and Merlin is on for 13 weeks. I admit I like it. I was a good series so your husband should be engrossed in it.
I remember my hubby being upset about my writing/getting involved in the fandom(s). It really started when I began to write in Enlish -- which he didn't understand by then. He really eased up about the whole fandom thing when he met some of my OL friends face to face. He could finally see they weren't serial killers, lol. So now, he just frowns at my writing, but good-naturedly, since he himself is a photography geek, and has always been.

I hope you will be able to find a satisfying solution. Keeping fingers crossed for that :)
My DH tends to the anti-social under the best of circumstances. I think if he had his way, he would be a hermit and rarely see the light of day. I, on the other hand, need to talk with other people. Thank goodness for the internet - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)