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Back to Normal

As promised, life is back to normal today. The confetti has been put away and the lessons learned from the 2011 MEFAs are now catalogued in my mind. Time to start making my list of stories I want to nominate when the 2012 nominations open up. But for now, back to concentrating on writing and on daily life, starting with a dental check-up this morning. I'm in the mood to give you pretty pics today, so here are two pics of the Northern Lights.

I did manage to finish my weekly drabble yesterday, and get quite a bit of writing done on my LOTR Community Challenge as well as my Slashy Valentine project, but they both have a way to go. I also got one of six colorway examples beaded, five more to go.

LOTR Community is doing their first art challenge this month and I signed up, but am very unsure about whether or not I will actually be able to finish on time. I enjoy working with digital graphics, though, and have something in mind that may work. I'll give it a shot if I can keep up with my other commitments. Have a fabulously creative day today!
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Those are gorgeous pictures! The Northern Lights are among our favorite memories of living in Alaska. (The moose on the back porch is another).

I used to keep a MEFA nominations list all year long, and wrote draft reviews as I had time. Once nominations rolled around, I made sure to have reviews for my nominees all polished up, and posted those as soon as reviewing time opened. After that, I worked on my wish list. That way my own nominees got a head start with nice long meaty reviews!
What a wonderful idea. I'll have to do something similar to make sure that I can do things well.

I love the northern lights. We get them here in Minnesota sometimes, but not often enough :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm afraid you live in the wrong part of the country. Maybe you have a friend in Alaska that you could visit? They are an amazing sight.

- Erulisse (ont L)
They are, aren't they? Have you ever had the chance to see them in person?

- Erulissg (one L)
Nope, unfortunately not. I am at 45 degrees of lattitude, so that's too far south. Yes, it is visible from our lattitudes now and then, but very rarely, and I haven't had the chance to see it. You?
Yes, they do come down far enough to be seen here in Minnesota. We are at 44 degrees 58' 48" N and they do come down from the Arctic Circle occasionally. It's not that common, but usually happens a few times each year. They are quite remarkable.

- Erulisse (one L)
They are stunning, aren't they? I love looking at beauty in our world. It somehow gives me hope.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh. ♥ So pretty. I have framed photos of the aurora all over my studio, but I haven't seen them for real for a few years, now.
The aurora are pretty amazing. I am always amazed when I have a chance to see them, and we never get the full sky-filling versions like I was showing to people in these pics. This world that we live in is so amazing!

- Erulisse (one L)
I've only seen the sky-filling version once, and it was incredible. I'm not far enough north to see them on a regular basis, but once or twice a winter they'll weave across the sky.