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24 Hours of Happy, Then Back to Normal

I actually won an award in the Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards for 2011. So I'm going to take today and bask, and tomorrow I'll be back to normal - working hard. My drabble "Morning Song" (that's a story of 100 words) placed second in the Drabble-Elves category.

OK, that's enough about me, many of my friends placed numerous times and their wins were far more deserved than mine. So my sincere CONGRATULATIONS go out to all of the winners as well as all those stories that were nominated. Well done!

Today is my studio day. I give a lecture in two months to the Upper Midwest Bead Society on "An Exploration of Beads and Stitches" so I need to start working on examples for that, I also have six colorways that I designed to pack up a colorway kits that I need to start making up. I guess I'll be busy with needle and thread as well as continuing my writing today. It looks to be a good day :-)
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It would be marvelous if we were able to meet one day. I still hold hopes of getting to Peru some day also, so who knows - it may be your lawn that we meet on rather than mine :-)

- Erulisse (one L)